Housekeeping Management

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HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College

Higher Diploma in Hotel Management
Introduction to Housekeeping Operation

Year & Semester: 2009 Semester 2
Class Name: HM
Team Member name & Students ID:
Cheng Yik Cheung, 200801035
Cheng Kam Yin, 200803952
Lee Ka Hung, 200803385
Chan I Man, 200803377
Chu San Chui, 200804705
Wong Pik Ki, 200804073
Leung Chi Hang, 200802859

Lecturer Name: Helen Yau

Recently, our new upscale hotel has been built up. There are 500 guestrooms with 20 floor including 3 restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and 3 function rooms. And, our expected occupancy is about 75%. We do not have in-house laundry, so off-premise laundry contract is needed for us. As the Executive Housekeeper, we need to prepare and plan reports for our housekeeping department operation, The reports need to be prepared are: Consideration factors for budget, The staffing requirement and working schedule, The needs of cleaning equipments and supplies, The inventory items and control, The standard clearing procedures and cleaning functions, The management and control of the off-premises laundry. The followings, we will go through each of them in detail.

1. Budget of housekeeping department:
In a company, budget is necessary for planning the whole operation in order to setting a constraint to control well the actual expenses and avoid the unfavorable over expenditures. Especially in hotel industry which are required accurate and detail budget for a number of different department, we have to prepare the budget well to confirm how many variable and fixed factor we used. At below, we will talk about the factors to be considered in preparing budget of the housekeeping department, the detail of capital budget, operation budget and pre-opening budget, and methods in monitoring the budget in detail respectively.

Factors considered for preparing budget--- As the preparing budget is concerned, we basically have two kinds of approaches for housekeeping department. The first one is the traditional which is based on the historical information patterns such as cost, spending and income statement (Hayes, David K., Ninemeier, Jack D.2004 ) to estimate future cost and the other one is zero based budgeting which is calculated by looking forward to the department actual need and use instead of the historical information. Undeniably, as a newly built up hotel, we don’t have historical information as a reference for drawing budget so we can just use the second one. To use the zero based budgeting in housekeeping department; we need to calculate labors, equipments and different supplies according to our hotel structure and facilitates. Also, we need to decide which kinds of budget we used such as long range budgets, annual budgets and monthly budget, but normally we will use three of them in order to checking our short or long term target routinely. For example, in different months and period, the occupancy rate and number of guests will be different, we need to draw different budget to maintain supplies or room attendance we need for housekeeping and cleaning service. So the monthly budget is needed (Hayes, David K., Ninemeier, Jack D.2004). On the other hand, we need to calculate the labor, equipment and supplies material cost based on the number of rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, and fitness centre and function room we have. Afterward, we need to calculate the cost of labors, equipment and material supplies in order to confirming less over expenses situation to happen. Especially in housekeeping department which is a cost centre, no revenue will be generated. Cost control is more emphasized on budgeting planning in housekeeping department among different departments in hotel. From the above views, there are the factors needed to be considered when we prepare a budget for our department.

Capital budget, operation budget and preopening---They are important for the...
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