Journal in Housekeeping, F & B Department

Topics: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Lodging Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Housekeeping and Food and Beverage Department
Long after prelims and midterms week have ended, pre-finals and finals have taken its way to its last. Since the first two months of discussing the topics covered by the course subject THM 56 with the descriptive title of Hospitality Management & Operational Management/ Introduction to HRM, I have come to know lots of information pertaining to running and operating a hotel in a competitive tourism industry from its organization to its administration. The history of the first and most famous hotels before and the Front Office was quite an interesting fact. Now going to the recent topic covered by the semifinals and finals which is the Housekeeping Department and F & B Department, I started to realize that it is not an easy to task to be in those departments because of its high volume pressure working environment. Even though the general public tends to think of the housekeeping as the department that makes the bed, empties the ashtrays and wastebaskets, tidies up the bathroom and leaves fresh towels. The truth of the matter is that it takes more manpower to accomplish housekeeping’s almost countless functions than those of any other department in the hotel. Housekeeping’s responsibilities may begin with fabrics, and progress to the selection and purchase of all furniture and furnishings. It encompasses not only their cleaning but also their maintenance, repair, refurbishment and eventual replacement. Furthermore, even the seemingly simple cleaning functions are not simple at all. It involves more than cleaning the sleeping, eating, meeting and washrooms areas which means the grim job of cleaning the grease coated vents over kitchen ranges and fry kettles, the delicate job of cleaning switchboard equipment, and perhaps, the never ending job of cleaning the thousands of crystals used in chandeliers. Isn’t it tough? Even when an interior designer is employed, the professional housekeeper works very closely with him in...
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