Routine Housekeeping Procedures

Topics: Defragmentation, Computer, File system fragmentation Pages: 5 (1304 words) Published: April 20, 2012
For this assignment I will discuss and evaluate the improvements to computer systems achieved by routine housekeeping procedures and the benefits. Listed below is what I shall be discussing. -Physical cleaning

-Disk Defragment
-Virus Scanning
-Disk Clean up
-Disk Checker
-Windows updates

Physical Cleaning
Physical cleaning means that you will clean the keyboard, mouse, computer screen and check for any errors such as stuck or missing keys on the PCs keyboard. This process involves cleaning the chassis of the machine and also looking for dust inside. You will use compressed air to help you clear up the dust inside. -You will use compressed air to clean within the computer chassis and the internal components. You will use the compressed air to clean components such as the heat sink where dust gathers and can cause the CPU to overheat and crash. By doing this it preserves the computers life and will make it last longer. Advantage

-Pro longs life of machine
-Ensures the Pc doesn’t crash from the cause of hardware failure -Reduces any major further issues with important PC components -Keeps the machine in a clean environment
-Doesn’t take long to do
-You will have to deal with cleaning with internal components and if you are unsure what you are doing you might cause significant problems Effectiveness
Physical cleaning for the computer improves the performance of the computer significantly. This is due to the build up of dust in essential area such as the heat sink and around the CPU and the cooling fan. This build up affects the system significantly in performance. By removing or physically cleaning the system, the improvement will be better functionality of the computer, less dirty and reduced noise. Conclusion

Physically cleaning the machine will help maintain the computer which will be beneficial as it will last longer in the long run and ensure that the machine works optimally and remain at its best. Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmentation is a system utility tool used to fix fragmented files on a drive. This will make accessing files quicker and save more space on the hard drive. The fewer fragments on the drive the more efficiently the system will run. Advantage

-Speeds up disk read
-Opens files quicker
-Frees up Hard drive space
-Improved Disk performance
-Less utilization of CPU
-Uses resources while defragmentation
By utilising disk defragmenter this improves the performance a lot. This puts all the fragmented files together. This improves the disk read speed and also frees up some space on the hard drive. This will allow the user to access data a lot quicker. Disk defragmenter has a positive performance boost in terms of speed and space. Conclusion

Disk defrag is a very useful tool for the computer. I would highly recommend running disk defrag especially on slow computers. Running a Defrag on peripherals such as USB thumb drives can reduce the life of the thumb drive. Virus Scanning

Scanning your machine for viruses is used to check for any viruses which may have got onto the machine undetected. It also allows you to prevent damage to files and key logging, it also prevents pop ups from Trojans and malware. A good anti virus protects the machine against digital threats. Advantage

-Clean system
-Removes threats
-Prevents threats
-Protects machine
-Can sometimes slow machine
-Updates can sometimes take time even though it runs in the back ground Effectiveness
This allows the user to use the computer in a protected environment protecting you from being hacked and so forth. By virus scanning you reduce the likelihood of being attacked. As a prime example I will use key logging whilst you are using internet banking. By doing this all your online information is being revealed where some one can use these details for fraud and use the money from the account. Conclusion

I feel that have...
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