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Managerial Applications of Information Systems
Francisco E. Lopez


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The purpose of this proposal is to outline the different problems that hotels face these days in relation to the way the hotel staff interacts with the guest and the speed in which guest requests are handled. Hotel automations is a high level solution which will aid the hotel staff to make decisions and in many cases will create a communication bridge between the hotel staff and the guest without being intrusive. In order to stay competitive within the lodging industry a hotel chain must stand out from the rest providing a higher level of service that can be translated in prompt response to guest request and transforming the stay into an experience that the guest will not forget.


Longevity Integrated Services is a consulting firm that aims to give companies such as the Hilton hotel chains the competitive edge they need to stay competitive in the hospitality industry. With over 75 years in the business longevity integrated services has work with hotel chains such as MGM Mirage, Harras and management companies such as four seasons hotels and Montage management Group. One of the recent projects Longevity business solutions undertook was the installation of Creston Hotel automation in the Aria Hotel at City Center. Longevity integrated services aim to bring the same competitive edge to the Hilton Hotels. Through the many hotel automation deployments in the past years Longevity Business solutions has partnered up with Control 4 a system that integrates lighting controls, shade controls, thermostat controls, message interface through TV, Motion sensors and many other features in a single package. With this technology we are certain the Hilton hotel chain will Gain back its competitive edge in the market while bringing new experiences to its guests.


In today’s market it is difficult to stand out from the rest when it comes to hotels. The main problem hotel chains and hotel management groups face today is that they lack brand recognition. It is difficult for a guest to differentiate between hotels within the same price range since the basic commodities exist in every establishment. Bed, lighting, TV, AC are some of the common things a guest will find when they check in at any hotel so there it lays the challenge of making a guest’s stay memorable. While we seek brand recognition we must look at the different areas in which a hotel’s stay can be a memorable one for the guest. Some of the areas in which attention to detail are a key component in imprinting the brand on the guest minds are: the effectiveness in which housekeeping handles the requests of the guests, the speed in which a bellman runs luggage to the guest rooms, the overall feel of the room, the things that catch the guest attention in the room, remembering the guest preferences from previous stays etc. HIGH LEVEL SOLUTION

In this proposal we want to present Hotel Automation as the solution to the lack of brand recognition problem. In order to enhance the experience the guests feels when in a Hilton hotel Longevity Integrated services has outlined the different approaches in which Hotel Automation will aid in transforming the way guests perceive the brand. Through the use of a variety of information systems Hotel Automation will enhance the speed in which guest request are completed, it will streamline the flow of communication within the staff of the hotel as well as creating a non intrusive communication avenue between the guest and the staff. BENEFITS OF...
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