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Editor's note:The world is full of scandals. Here are the 10 top scandals in China's economic community this year, including a prestigious CEO who was accused of faking his career credentials, a dairy tycoon's tricks and products from famous brands found to be faulty or even dangerous to consumers' health. 

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1.Complaints over faulty HP laptops

2.Probe ordered into vaccines in Shanxi

3.Four night clubs suspended for using hostesses

4.Shareholder of Hilton Chongqing arrested

5.HK magazine accuses Bawang shampoo of containing cancer-causing chemical

6.Former Microsoft chief accused of faking his academic credentials

7.Dairy tycoon arrested for illegally collecting public funds

8.Secret recalls of problematic oil

9.Airline pilots have fake credentials

10.Mengniu in smear scandal


1.Complaints over faulty HP laptops

Chinese characters for the Hewlett-Packard logo on the steps of an HP PC franchise store in Guangdong province. HP is expected to face a series of lawsuits this year from Chinese consumers over alleged defective notebook computers. [Photo/Agencies] 

As of March 10, on a nonprofit website in China, more than 1,400 consumers had expressed their willingness to take part in a group complaint against Hewlett-Packard Co (HP) over faulty laptop computers and more than 80 lawyers said they would like to help in the case.

The complaints centered on video cards that overheated and caused the laptop to malfunction.

The complaints asked a quality watchdog organization to launch an investigation into HP laptops, hoping the government will order the company to have the faulty laptops returned or replaced with new ones and provide compensation. It was also suggested that government issue orders to launch a recall on all faulty laptops.

Later HP issued an apology on March 15 and offered an extension of warranty periods for some laptop models, but HP did not respond to consumers' request for a recall of the faulty laptops.

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2.Probe ordered into vaccines in Shanxi

Parents of the children who suffered from the vaccine scandal in North China’s Shanxi province protested in front of the Ministry of Health in Beijing, on June 25, 2010. [Photo/CFP]

The probe into a vaccine scandal in North China's Shanxi province showed violation of rules by the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the vaccine producer, an official said on March 22.

Ju Xianhua, deputy secretary general of the provincial government, said at a press conference that the former director of the provincial CDC, Li Wenyuan, violated rules while cooperating with the vaccine producer, Beijing Huawei Company, and was blamed for embezzling 270,000 yuan from the company's 500,000 yuan safety guarantee deposit.

Results of the 15-day official investigation showed that faulty vaccines did not cause the deaths and illnesses of nearly 100 children in Shanxi province, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on April 6.

On March 17, the Beijing based China Economic Times reported, citing Chen Tao'an, a whistleblower who worked with the Shanxi CDC in 2007, that nearly 100 children died or fell ill in Shanxi after taking shots of the vaccine.

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3.Four night clubs suspended for using hostesses

Hostesses providing paid services wait to be questioned by police in the hall of a night club in Beijing's Chaoyang district on May 11, 2010. [Photo/Beijing Times, courtesy of police]

The doors of four of Beijing's high-end nightclubs remain closed despite the end of a six-month suspension of their business for...
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