Honda Marketing Plan

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Table of contents
1.2 Letter of recommendations
1.3 Executive Summary of the marketing plan
1.4 Outline of the marketing plan
1.5 Introduction, Background, summary and update of the case study

2.1.1 Target Market Analysis
Primary Target Market
Primary Target Market Demographics
Secondary Target markets

2.2 SWOT Analysis:
2.2.1 Strengths
2.2.2 Weaknesses
2.2.3 Opportunities
2.2.4 Threats

2.3 Competition Analysis
2.4 Keys to success

2.5 Macro Environment Analysis
2.5.1 Economy
2.5.2 Culture
2.5.3 Politics, Rules and Regulations
2.5.4 Technology

3.1 Mission Statement
3.2 Marketing Objectives
3.3 Financial objectives
3.4 Positioning strategy

3.5 Marketing Mix Strategies
3.5.1 Product Strategy
3.5.2 Price Strategy
3.5.3 Promotion Strategy
3.5.4 Place strategy

4.0 References

1.2 Letter of Recommendation

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,
Mr. Takanobu Ito
-1, 2-Chome
Tokyo, 107-8556

Dear Mr. Takanobu Ito,
I appreciate the opportunity to analyze your business and present my research to you. I will now attempt to summarize my findings in this letter, which are detailed out in the marketing plan. Your annual report 2011, expressed how Honda operates under the basic principles of “Respect for the Individual” and “The Three Joys” joy of buying, selling and creating. Honda’s commitment to these basic principles since its establishment in 1948 is why your company is the world’s leader in innovation and development of motor vehicles. Conversely, my opinion is that Honda is on the brink of something even more phenomenal. With a focus on fuel efficiency, hybrid vehicles and at affordable prices, Honda will become the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and automobiles. With your global network of 383 subsidiaries and 91 affiliates there is no reason to not see this happen within the next 3 years. Honda has done a excellent great job of staying ahead of the technology curve. Competitors look to you for your innovation and progress in the market. I hope as you review the research you find it to be useful. I thank you again for the opportunity.

Jo Elana Patterson
1.3 Executive Summary
The fiscal year 2011, ended March 31, 2011, during the year you strengthened our position in each business and geographical segment and enhanced local operations. Seeking to lead the world in creating new value for our customers, you utilized our resources in an effort to further strengthen Honda’s unique spirit of innovation and creativity. Honda R&D is about being inspired, and carrying ideas through development, design, and production. Whatever the inspiration, Honda R&D is the place where Honda makes dreams come to life.

1.4 Introduction, Background, summary and update of the case study 1.4.1 Introduction
Honda Motor Co., Ltd., (Honda) collectively with its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, and distribution of motorcycles, automobiles, and power products primarily in North America, Europe, and Asia. 1.4.2 Background

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991), a self-taught engineer who worked on piston design which he hoped to sell to Toyota. The first being rejected, after perfecting the design, he won a contract with Toyota and built a factory to construct pistons, which was later destroyed by an earthquake. He then established the Honda Technical Research Institute, to develop and produce small 2-cycle motorbike engines. Calling upon 18,000 bicycle shop owners across Japan to take part in revitalizing a nation torn apart by war, Soichiro received enough capital to engineer his first motorcycle, the Honda Cub. This marked the beginning of Honda Motor Company, which would grow a short time later to be the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles by 1964. By the 1950’s, Honda entered into the US market. In 1986, Honda started engine production in to the UK and six...
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