Submarine Sandwich and Subway

Topics: Subway, Submarine sandwich, Franchising Pages: 20 (5728 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Subway’s Domestic and International Marketing Plan

Presented by Moses Ballenger
The University of Houston – Victoria
International Marketing (MKT 6377)
2011 Summer Session

Table of Contents

2. - Letter of Recommendation
3. – Executive Summary
4. - Introduction, Background, Summary and update of the case study

2.1 – Target Market Analysis
2.12 – Primary Target Market
2.13 – Primary Target Market Demographics
2.14 – Secondary Target Markets

2.2 – SWOT Analysis
2.21 – Strengths (3 strengths)
2.22 – Weaknesses (3 Weaknesses)
2.23 – Opportunities (3 Opportunities from the macro environment analysis) 2.24 – Threats (3 Threats from the macro environment analysis)

2.3 - Competition Analysis
2.31 – Primary Competitor
2.32 – Secondary Competition

2.4 – Keys to Success (3 keys to success of the company in order) 2.5 – Macro Environment Analysis
2.51 – Economy (2 macro economy factors)
2.52 – Culture (2 macro culture factors)
2.53 – Politics, Rules, and Regulations (2 factors)
2.54 – Technology (2 factors)

3.1 – Mission Statement
3.2 – Marketing Objectives (3 Objectives in order of importance) 3.3 – Financial Objectives (From the competition analysis) 3.4 – Positioning strategy (From the competition analysis)

3.5 - Marketing Mix Strategies
3.51 – Product Strategy
3.52 – Price Strategy
3.53 – Promotion Strategy
3.54 – Place Strategy

4.0 – References
5.0 – Appendices (Promotion flyer and other)

1.2 Letter of Recommendation

Subway Franchise Headquarters/Doctor’s Associates Inc.
CEO, President, Co-Founder
325 Bic Drive
Milford, Connecticut 06461
United States

Dear Mr. Fred DeLuca,

I would like to thank you first for the opportunity to conduct the marketing assessment proposal for your company. I hope you find my recommendations satisfactory in this letter, which is summarized below.

Subway must first be honored for its accomplishments so far to date. Such success has come about from a small business partnership out of Bridgeport, Connecticut to big international success.

As stated in your vision, Subway strives to be the #1 quick service restaurants in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches, and exceptional experience. I believe that such a vision is achievable for the global, Japanese, and emerging markets. Despite the challenges and failures of the Japanese market entry, there is much opportunity, lesson, and market share to capture. My primary recommendation discussed in the proposal is that Subway conducts an aggressive and re-entry approach to Japan. This aggressive, re-entry approach needs to be more adaptive to the Japanese/Asian culture this time. This adaptation will need to take place from an advertising and product perspective most importantly. How effective Subway focuses on these two aspects will determine their success in Japan and Asia. While Subway has been highly successful in their global expansion, the Japanese and Asian markets will call for more adoption and customization.

Nowadays, value, expressed as a level of quality for an affordable price seems to have traction in the global marketplace. Emergence of “cost-consciousness” seems to be reshaping business. Subway has done a great job at remaining flexible enough to change its operational policies and wise enough to listen to its franchisees. Subway must continue to take this practice into Japan and Asian, while focusing on their core competencies. Subway will have to listen to what problems franchisees are having and make adjustments accordingly. It’s the franchisee that’s on the front line, seeing the daily operations, challenges, and customer interaction.

I hope you find the research and recommendations sufficient to act on. Thank you again for your time and consideration.

1.3 Executive Summary

Subway represents an excellent case study of a truly globalized company in today’s market place. The company’s focused its...
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