Marketing Plan

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Marketing plan


Lyric Garments

Submission Date: 29th April,2010.

Marketing plan


Lyric Garments Ltd.

Course code: MBA5206

Submitted to

Khondaker Sazzadul Karim

Department of Business Administration

Northern University


Submitted by

TASNIA HAIDER Id: 090201946


HASAN MAHMUD Id: 090201959


Letter of Transmittal

April25, 2010

Subject: Application for submission the “Marketing Plan on Lyric Garments Ltd”

Dear Sir:

With due to respect, it is our pleasure submit to you our marketing plan on” Lyric Garments Ltd” .We tried to our best to work sincerely cover all aspects regarding the marketing plan. Through we face some limitation to prepare the marketing plan due to scarcity of regarding data, time limitations and not enough knowledge about garment sector. We have really enjoyed the hard work behind preparing this marketing plan. We have prepared it according to the guidelines and on the basis of our practical experience at Lyric Garments Ltd.

We hope you will asses our marketing plan considering the limitations of the study. Your kind advice encourages us to do future work. We will be highly grateful to if you kindly accept


First of all we would like to thank almighty Allah for blessing us with the ability to prepare and submit this marketing plan. This marketing plan is prepared on the basis of the assignment given by Khondaker Sazzadul Karim, lecturer of Northern University Bangladesh.It was a great experience while working marketing plan on garments sector. All the group members have participated directly and indirectly in the preparing of this marketing plan. We could not have been completed without the continues help and generous assistance that have been rendered by Professor Khondaker Sazzadul Karim a special debt goes to him for being so generous. We also dedicated all the credit to the Northern University Bangladesh. Special mention must be made to some persons from whom we have received continuous support without which it might not be possible for us to complete the plan.

We would like to convey our gratitude to the G.M.of Lyric Garments Ltd Mr.Monir Hossain for his support, instruction and guidance to complete our marketing plan.Finally we are thankful to our friend’s sincere suggestions for improving of this marketing plan.


Ready mate Garments are the fast growing export sector in Bangladesh. Lyric Garments Ltd is a vertical integrated garments manufacturing and exporting composite unit. The group started its business in 1991.Lyric has already achieved 20% of marketing share and they are trying to be the market leader of garments industry and wants to hold their position by the lowest production cost and distribution cost .Because its vision is to be overall cost leadership. So here is a marketing plan of Lyric Garments Ltd .Here we are targeting the World cup sportswear buyers. Market development is appropriate here. In the marketing plan we are planning here segmentation. We are also using market penetration. Because summer dresses are also very attractive for this purpose. Because 0f the summer season in the period of World Cup. So the plan is the shadow of the past of the company. So this marketing plan can help Lyric to achieve its vision. From the preceding...
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