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A place to spend quality times with your friends and family with mouth watering food and breath taking beauty of the longest beach in the world


1. Executive summary

2. Profile of the team

3. Company Overview
3.1 Mission statement
3.2 Vision statement
3.3 Key products/ services
3.4 Strategic goals and objectives (Long term and short term)

4. Industry overview and analysis
4.1 PEST Analysis
4.2 Industries SWOT
4.3 Five Forces
4.4 Core Competence
4.5 Competitive Advantage

5. Market overview and marketing plan
5.1 Potential customers
5.2 Sales, marketing, advertising and promotional plan
5.3 Customer service

6. Company value chain analysis and operational plan
6.1 Layout of the operational chain
6.2 Existing core competence and Future competence
6.3 Product/ service overview
6.4 Operational Layout Design: Facilities, Equipment and Machinery
6.5 Research and development
6.6 Quality assurance

7. Management and Organization
7.1 Organ gram
7.2 Staff requirements
7.3 Specific tasks at every level of management

8. Forecasted Income statement and Balance Sheet

9. Conclusions.



We are five friends with a vision to potential to grow as this might turn out to be our main source of earning over the years. Along this vision came an idea to get into the food business, mainly targeting tourists. So came up the idea of setting up a food court style dining environment within Cox’s Bazaar. This is how Maroon 5 started, where 5 represents not only the five entrepreneurs but also the five stalls of food within establish a business that has the potential to sustain for a long time and also has the the food court. We have initially divided the work in terms functions among us as described below:

* Abu Shoaib – Manager, Operations
* Shahriar Faruk – Manager, Purchasing
* Sharmin – Manager, Sales and Marketing
* Rifat Bin Murtaza – Manager, Customer Services
* Mohsin Ul Amin Khan – Head of Management

The positions are not fixed and we plan to rotate the positions every year so as over the course of five years, which is the time period we have taken the land for lease, we all would have assumed the Head of Management position.


Maroon 5 is a state-of-the-art food court on the seaside of Cox’s Bazaar. The idea of a food court specializing in a variety of cuisines and facilities is very unique in Cox’s Bazaar and thus is sure to attract tourists and as well as local people. Our commitment with quality and taste should make our customers keep visiting us. The five stalls from which the name Maroon 5 comes are shown in the diagram below:


We believe in making a difference in our customers' eyes. Maroon 5 stands for value for money, quality and outstanding service in a hygienic and fun dining environment. We deliver a quality product by empowering our employees and we facilitate and monitor customer feedback to continually improve the customer's experience through innovation.


To become a name of quality and trust for food lovers visiting Cox’s Bazaar. We want to be renowned throughout the country as well as overseas as a one stop food joint for delicious, hygienic and healthy food over a wide range of menu in Cox’s Bazaar.


A details of each of the stall’s menu is given below:


Broiled Lobster

Chef's Jumbo Shrimp
Creamy Grits and Wilted Spinach with Andouille Creole Mustard Sauce

Shrimp and Crab Fingers
Scampi Style

Pan Seared Sea Scallops
Fried Mashed Potato,Arugula,Cherry Tomatoes Roasted Garlic Lemon And Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil Emulsion

Grilled Swordfish
Fried Okra and Spinach with a Sweet Corn, Leek, and Ham Hock Bisque

Seared Beef Tenderloin
Arugula, Cracked Pepper Grits, Caramelized Onions, Porcini Mushroom Espresso Emulsion

Roasted Salmon...
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