Homosexuality in Football

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Chapter One: Introduction: Addressing Homophobia in Football * Introduction should just give a brief idea of what work is going to be about so not much detail * Outline your argument – footballers affect society so a lack of homosexual players is also bound to affect the way it is portrayed * Talk about the problems surrounding football – i.e. racism, sexism. What is different about homophobia? * Why is homophobia a problem in football? Why is it taboo? * Talk about programmes enforced to help combat it; i.e. just mention Stonewall, different programmes etc * Outline the different chapters you will be writing in the diss: i.e. I will be looking at (describe chapter 2) Only needs to be a page long, maybe a little longer. Basically outline your argument and refer back to your question, mention problems in football – why homophobia is taboo / big problem, talk about programmes (briefly) and then outline what you’ll be talking about in each chapter. FINALLY say at the end what you hope to conclude – i.e. homophobia is a big problem, it does affect society, what can be done?

I intend to explore homosexuality within the footballing world, and how, if at all, its representative’s views on it affect those of societies. Football is Britain’s national sport, engrained into every aspect of our culture, and as such players are role models that transcend all classes, colours and creeds; so why do such a minute percentage feel it is a safe environment in which to be openly homosexual? Are the individuals involved simply inherently homophobic, or are there more deep-rooted explanations? I will be looking in chapter two at masculinity and where homosexuality lies within it, focusing particularly on the theories surrounding footballs role in reproducing a hegemonic masculine environment. Over the last 20-30 years it has become more fashionable to explore the varying moulds of masculinity, and I will observe footballs relationship with these developments....
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