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Writing stories: NARRATIVE PROMPTS
Before writing your story:

Note down your ideas: write an outline of your story
List relevant vocabulary you could use: verbs, adjs, advs, linkers, nouns
 Develop a living, breathing multi-faceted character (you should know more about him/her/them than your reader
 Choose a point of view: 1st person narrator ‘I’/ 3rd person narrator..
 Use your five senses. Show (create a visual image in your reader’s or listener’s mind), don't simply tell, by using descriptive phrases and words, and active verbs. Try to include some direct speech/meaningful dialogue

Make your story interesting by having colourful expressions, detailed descriptions, elements of suspense, emotions..
Give a title

While writing your story:
Structure your ideas in paragraphs, you could use sequencing expressions to divide your stories in paragraphs (At first, as, then, as soon as, ten minutes later, after a while, finally..) or you could bear in mind the sequence Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

1. Introduction that is background information to set up the scene and create the atmosphere; write a catchy first paragraph, catch your reader’s attention with the unusual, the unexpected, an action 2. Main part of the story, set up the plot, events, problems (initiating action and rising action) 3. Build a crisis/climax that is the key moment, the turning point of the story 4. Deliver a resolution, what happens after the climax, solution reached or final outcome which could be open that is readers determine the meaning or resolved that is a clear-cut outcome After writing

Check if the story is clear and logical

Revise and edit your story, there may be irrelevant content; make sure the story flows and the characters and their problems are introduced and resolved appropriately

Check if language is correct and various structures are used; having a good knowledge of narrative tenses such as Past Simple, Past Continuous,...
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