Homeless Dogs

Topics: Dog, Neutering, Dog health Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: April 14, 2008
When most people think of the word "homeless" the first thing that comes >to mind is people. Homeless people, that is.>I on the other hand thought about dogs. I just adopted a dog from a shelter >and learned that a dog only has about 12 weeks to get adopted before they >are put to sleep. Sad isn't it? But the true reality of it, is that there >is twice as many homeless dogs then there are people in america. And as >bad as some people think the shelters may be, only the fortunate dogs >actually get into them. In a shelter there are trained caregivers who make >every effort to find them new homes, so they can have a better life. But >unfortunately some dogs don't get adopted and end up being put down. But >there are so many worse deaths for a dog then being put to sleep. Homeless >dogs die by so many crueltys in this world. Starvation is one of the >biggest killer of homeless dogs, right along with diease and abuse.>>> Some people may say, that if you atleast let the dog free it will have a >fighting chance to live. Yes, some dogs are going to make it and survive on >their own, but the majority of them aren't. And that's why we have >shelters, to give the averge dog who couldn't make it on the street a >chance to eat properly and try to get a family.>> being a homeless dog and living on the street isn't good. Do you realize >how cruel people are? People are cruel to other humans who are homeless, so >just imagine what their like to dogs who are a lesser being to the human >race. Especially adolencents, they throw rocks,kick them, take base ball >bats and beat them with it, shoot BB's at them. There are so many things >that people do, that we don't even want to know or think about. And yet, >that's what probably happens to a homeless dog on a daily basis.>>Not only does homeless dogs living on the street have to worry about the >cruelty that people inflict on them.>but,also, how they will find their next meal. I know people who say don't >feed a homeless dog because...
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