Home School vs Public School

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Although home school is a more personal one on one atmosphere, public school offers teachers with degrees and individual teachers for each subject. This is a personal decision parents have to decide. Both options have their good points and bad points. When it comes to teaching a student, both educational ways have completely different ideas on how they think the best way. Public Schools use a general system that seems to work for a majority of the students. Home School is based a lot on the beliefs or ideas a parent thinks is the way they want their child taught and control the learning environment. The teachers at a public school have to have a certain amount of education and a degree or degrees depending on what they are teaching. A parent teacher of a home school student must have graduated from high school. They will plan out there syllabus for the subjects that are being taught, or they can purchase course material. Public school has set times and days the child has to attend. Attendance is part of the public school system that you also have to complete in order to pass. Home school is less strict, and can be anytime the parent chooses and for how long at a time. Attendance does not matter as much as making sure the subjects are being learned. Another thing that public schools offer that home based schools do not, are the extracurricular classes and sports. This allows the child to learn social skills that cannot properly be taught when not in a social setting. Most parents choose to send their child to a public school, but there are some circumstances where they will choose to home school them. Some children may not be able to function at a public school due to a mental or physical illness. Another reason some parents choose to home school their child could be due to bullying or another for of harassment at school.

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