Homeschool vs. Public Education

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Homeschool vs. Public Education
Parents should feel that education choice is a high priority. Parents may not be aware of the many differences between public school and homeschool. There is a much heated debate over which type of educational setting is academically appropriate for students. There are two very important factors that parents should first consider before determining which school setting would be beneficial and is best suited for their child or children. First, a parent must analyze their child’s or children’s educational needs. They need to determine whether or not they have any special needs, such as physical, emotional, intellectual, or social. Second, they need to consider which school can provide their child or children with the needed learning environment based on their individual educational needs. The many differences between public education and homeschool education will help influence a parent’s decision as to which educational setting will be more beneficial for their child based on the child’s educational needs. Both public education and homeschooling strive for students to become educationally successful; however, homeschool teachers are more committed to this goal, which is why homeschool is the best type of education for students of today.

The academics taught in each of these two educational settings are tremendously different. Public schools have a 30 to 1 student – teacher ratio, which could inhibit a student’s ability to learn and remain focused in class. Public schools cater to visual and auditory learners for every student, regardless of whether or not a particular student cannot learn with that specific method. Even though most public educators are committed to seeing children succeed, there are times that they must sacrifice the needs of individual students in order for them to meet the needs of the entire class. Teachers in a homeschool setting are very committed and dedicated to the success of each student....
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