Hologram Technology in Smartphone

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A Research About
Hologram Technology in Smartphone


Datoc, Daniel Paul
Lim, Patrick Jason
Manasis, Donille Angelo

A Thesis
Submitted in Conformity with the Requirements
for Technical Writing and Research
Chapter 1


I. Background of the study
In the early years, men keep on innovating, creating products, devices and peripherals for us to communicate easily. From smoke signals to video calling, technology makes the easy way for man to communicate.

This study is focused on how hologram technology in smartphones will affect the way man communicates. Currently, smartphones are dominating the world of communications, bringing the power of a netbook into a palm size gadget. Almost every man in this time is using smartphones every day, whether for calling, text messaging, entertainment and presentations. The study’s concern is the hologram technology capability in smartphones.

Here is a brief description for the hologram. Holography dates from 1947, when English researcher Dennis Gabor designed the concept of holography while working to enhance the quality of electron microscopic lenses. Gabor created the term hologram from the Ancient terms holos, significance "whole," and gramma, significance "message".

Hologram technology nowadays is under its developmental stage wherein it is only seen on credit cards and the like for security purposes (holographic stickers) only but not in communication.

Hologram technology is recognized by the public in February of 2012, in Coachella when the late rapper Tupac Shakur appeared in the performance in a hologram together with rapper Snoop Dog but it is not the real hologram technology because of the fact that the image was contained in a closed area with mirrors.

In the other hand, there are rumors that some companies are secretly developing the technology that will ease the problem of displaying hologram images.

II.Statement of the Problems
This study would like to find out:
• How hologram originally works
• How smartphone works and its current trend and evolution • Why hologram is suitable to produce three-dimensional (3D) outputs than other similar technology • How holography / hologram technology could or could not be integrated to mobile communication devices specifically smartphones • The advantages and disadvantages of hologram technology in the field of smartphones

III. Significance of the Study
This study will dive deep into the realms of hologram technology along with smartphone technology. This means the study will try to inform, in the greatest of details, while making it understandable as much as possible, the beneficiaries the importance of both smartphone and hologram technology and its combination.

This study will have a significant benefit to:
• Other researchers - other researchers that are yet to initialize studying this problem will greatly benefit with the result and information which will contain in this study’s paper. They can expand on this study by having a good read to this study.

• Mobile phone hardware technologists and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) – This initial research will be a great reference or startup for those in the hardware-making sector. They will be the executors or the producers of usable and tangible technology of what this study, plus the expansion of study through the professional researchers produce.

• Mobile application developers - Mobile application developers need to know and also learn the latest of technologies available for them to harness in mobile phone hardware so they can create powerful and helpful mobile application solutions. A good knowledge of hologram technology will be an advantageous addition to leverage the power of smartphones for these developers. It will be invaluable for them.

• Information technology professionals - those who are working as IT professionals will also make good out...
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