Outline Research Paper on Distance Leraning

Topics: Education, Distance education, Open learning Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Presentation on the benefits of distance learning to an audience of teachers and students with very little experience with computers and who might be somewhat fearful of the idea:

I.Distance Learning is very easy, easier than one might expect. a.Do not dread distance learning. It is not complicated at all. In fact, it is very easy since new technological advancements have made it very easy and user friendly for people. b.Communication has been made very easy these days. People can talk at a touch of a button. No need for complicated machinery. c.The teachers and students can communicate with each other very easily by e-mails, print data and video conferencing is also possible. None of this requires any special training. Even children can do these tasks! d.There is no need to buy and install any sort of complicated machinery or hardware. Teachers as well as students can use their normal home computers to interact with each other over large distances.

II.Benefits of distance learning.
a.Learn and teach from the leisure and ease of your home. b.Both teachers as well as students can talk to each other at any time. c.Is not expensive at all; as low as half the price of normal education. d.Research has concluded that it can be made as effective as normal education. Some people argue that it can even be better than going to normal schools. III.Conclusion

a.Distance learning is more future-oriented.
b.Students can choose from a variety of courses.
c.A lot of information available online.

Distance learning can be a very effective way of getting an education. Time is changing and so are the educational institutions. It is now very easy to get top quality education while sitting at home. Many of the distance learning programs today are just as good, some even better, than the traditional schools. They provide high education at very low costs. Even though many people might think...
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