Virtual Reality and How It Has Such a Positive Impact on Healthcare

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  • Published : June 18, 2011
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Virtual Reality|
HealthCare Benefits from it in so many ways!|
Kari Reed|
Inf 103: Computer LiteracyPatricia Anderson|


Virtual Reality should be considered for rehabilitation to recover faster, while in a more relaxing setting and in a less painful way. Virtual Reality is technology that allows you to interact with a world that is generated by computers (ThinkQuest). There are special graphics, video images and sounds to make this pretend world seem real. There are so many uses of virtual reality; some of these uses are air traffic control, entertainment, industrial design, office, and medicine. Virtual Reality can do many things but educating and healing are by far the most rewarding benefits of using it aside from games, virtual reality have helped pilots learn how to fly aircraft safely, as well as doctors learn how to perform surgery safely (Thinkquest). I personally have learned how to perform CPR, and place IV’s through virtual reality and I found it very effective. This being why virtual reality to me has a huge impact on society, but healthcare in general.

According to Orache Education foundation, Virtual Reality emerged in the 1930’s. When scientists created the first flight simulation for the training of Pilots, which allowed the pilot to be put in a real life situation before actually flying. In 1965, the head mounted display was invented but as years went on it got lighter and more portable. The 1980’s came around, then the glove came about which gave the overall concept of Virtual Reality (Thinkquest). In the 1980’s, the introduction of high performance computers and the advanced visualization programs helped bring the elements of virtual reality together ( Locker, Virtual Reality and Medicine).

There are many ways Virtual Reality benefits Healthcare. Virtual Reality helps relieve stress while exercising, heal patients whom are recovering from strokes, hand recovery for those who have Cerebral...
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