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  • Published: October 28, 2010
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A long time ago, when the British ruled in India, a small factory was set up in the suburbs of Mumbai City, to manufacture sweets and toffees. The year was 1929 and the market was dominated by famous international brands that were imported freely. Despite the odds and unequal competition, this company called PARLE PRODUCT, survived and succeeded by adhering to his quality and improvising from time to time.

A decade later, in 1939, Parle Product began manufacturing biscuits, in addition to sweets and toffees having already established a reputation for quality, the Parle Brand name grew in strength with this diversification. PARLE GLUCOSE and PARLE MONACO were the first brand of biscuit to be introduced which later went on to become leading name for great test and quality. That time only one building was having in Vile-Parle where they were making production and any other process. Then gradually that company expanded in many buildings and today that company located in 14 Akers area. That time they were transporting their products ownely by cycle.


Biscuits were very much a luxury food in India, when Parle began in production in 1939. Apart from Glucose and Monaco biscuits Parle did offer a wide variety of brands.

However, during the Second World War, all domestic biscuits production was diverted to assist the Indian Soldiers in India and the Far East. Apart from this, the shortage of Wheat in those days, made Parle decided to concentrate on the more popular brands, so that that people could enjoy the price benefits. Thankfully today, there’s dearth of ingredients and demand for more premium brands is on the rise. That’s why Parle now have wide range of biscuits and mouthwatering confectionaries to offer.


Over the year, Parle has grown to become a multi million dollar company. Many of the parle Products – biscuits or confectionaries, are market leaders in...
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