High School Speech Materialism and Money

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  • Published : September 6, 2009
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We Have become largely materialistic as a society. Nowadays the size of your income is the point that defines you and happiness is the latest Ipod. Now just take a moment to consider. What was it that made you happy as a toddler? Was it that you had the latest Pumpkin patch fashions? Or perhaps it was that your parent’s earnt more than your best friends parents? No it was simply the love and affection of your parents, a sense of achievement when you achieved something and the companionship of people your own age. You see, I think those toddlers are onto a good thing. I believe that we as the young people of New Zealand place far to much emphasis on the importance of money. If you think about it, all that money causes is bad things; Debt, relationship problems, and inter-class prejudice.

Money has such a strong influence over our lives, so much so that it often causes relationship problems. Many couples have put relationship problems down to financial problems. Debt and lack of income place major financial stresses on people. As a result their relationships with friends and sexual partners suffer. This can often lead to domestic violence, alcoholism and abuse. Recently a survey was conducted by a New Zealand relationship service. This survey revealed that 41% of couples experiencing relationship problems blamed their financial issues. A representative from the National relationship service declared that the groups of people most susceptible to domestic violence were young couples experiencing relationship troubles. We’ve all seen the massive controversy in the media about Slumdog millionaire Actress, Rubina Ali’s father tries to sell her. If money were such a brilliant thing why it was the very reason for a father trying to sell his daughter? His very own flesh and blood? Breaking up a whole family. I believe that if we were to place less importance on money then many relationships would benefit greatly.

Debt is a major intrusion into people’s...
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