Immigrant Families in the Us

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: February 6, 2011
1) Immigrant families in the United States
Immigrants feel that their roles, beliefs, values, etc. are not as effective as the Unites States’, thus becoming stressful. “Therefore, in addition to the typical normative (e.g., family transitions) and nonnormitive (e.g., family natural disasters) stressors that families encounter, immigrant families experience unique stress and change relates to migration and acculturation” (Bush et al., 2010, p.287). Immigrants feel that they have to change their ways and it not only becomes stressful to the family members but also to the whole family system. The best way that immigrants have adapted is with integration. By combining their old ways with the new ways of the United States culture, they find comfort. Another common stressor is language barriers. “The inability to read signs, posted warnings, food labels, job applications, and materials related to children’s schooling is a frustration experience for many immigrants and can lead to increased pressure to learn English” (Bush et al., 2010, p.289). For adults who don’t have English classes to attend or the transportation to get to one, don’t get the social support they need in the United States. A lot of women, especially in Asian cultures, are not prepared for social skills outside of the family. On the up side stressors from the family system can be very positive and increase adaption. “Religion, spirituality, ethnic communities, and enclaves, shared cultural values, and informal and formal social support can serve as resources that aid immigrant families in adaption” (Bush at el., 2010, p.305). 2) “The ability to meet debt obligations, credit card use, and frequency of late payments made by credit users are all important factors in assessing subjective economic stress. Financial satisfaction appears to be directly related to credit practices and attitudes” (Bartholomae et al., 2010, p.193). Couples balance their financial differences by coping to deal with these...
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