Can Money Buy All the Happiness

Topics: Poverty, Happiness, Personal life Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Can money buy all the happiness?
Happiness is such a fact that fluctuates from one person to another. To some people money can simply be the most uncomplicated things in the world like bathing under the rain or a long drive. But to some people happiness is defined as their obsessions that only money can buy. These fascinations are things like branded cars, expensive jewelleries or luxurious visit to exotic places. But on the comparison both poverty and wealth can achieve ecstasy. When going around the Dhaka city, the street children are often found to amuse themselves by hopping on the clay or splattering on the water that has perhaps accumulated during the rain. The joy they receive by doing this can easily be fulfilled without the presence of money. But to most prosperous families this kind of pleasure is satisfied by going to theme parks or other place that only money can accomplish. Therefore, happiness is not an equivalent aspect for all. Money cannot always buy happiness that is because when a person is wealthy but alone he would not be able to be exultant no matter how much rich he has. People cannot be happy by having an incurable disease or with the problems in their personal lives. Money cannot even acquire somebody’s affection or concern. These are most of the factors that brings pleasure to a person’s life and if the person cannot have these with money then it confirms that money is not the only means of happiness. Money is also the reason of happiness in some cases. Delicious meals in lavish hotels can only be obtained if there is money in a person’s pocket. To those who love to lead an affluent life, only money can let them have flourishing houses and posh cars. Happiness is only wealth to them. But in some cases when a person is infected by a serious disease money can let him have his previous life back, and without money they will feel miserable. Consequently, money can apparently buy happiness but not all of them. People will only be happy if...
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