Higgins Week 4 Bcom Individual Assignment

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Logic Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Reasoning Aptitude

Jason Higgins


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brian J. Kane

Reasoning Aptitude

When conducting my career plan activity I discovered that I like a challenge. It showed that I was high powered, well-resourced and performance focused. If the job is too easy or doesn’t have a little competition I’m likely to get bored more quickly. I like to come up with ideas and find way to integrate them into my work. When applying my thinking style to arguments like to take the problems one at a time and think them thoroughly through, making them as clear as I possibly can. By studying each problem individually. This gives me a clearer approach to how to find a resolution for each one, by having control over each and every situation. By taking into account how the decisions I make may affect others. Once I have made a decision, notice the response I get and make any revisions as they may be fit. Being persuasive rather than manipulating my audience will assist me in gaining trust from them. If they trust what I am saying they will respond better thus giving the argument the results that I am looking for rather than creating a poor situation.


I have found it amazing that through the duration of this course that I have confirmed what I know. That I need to be challenged, I am performance driven and wish to be well resourced. Seeing the results of this has reinforced my work values and refreshed my attitude toward both my peers and associates alike.
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