Law Self Reflection for Mgt388 Module

Topics: Learning, Tutorial, Business Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: March 21, 2013

I didn’t think that management and law were important to me before I came to the UK. I did accounting in my high school but it was all just about getting high marks. This is because I have always been studying scientific things and I didn’t think that the lack of knowledge about law and finance would affect or bother me. This was until I moved into a house, and the landlord refused to pay me back my deposit as we only had an oral agreement; no contract was made.

Furthermore, I started a business on eBay. I discovered I managed my business poorly as I didn’t keep any records. From that moment, I felt that I needed to improve my ability to manage my money and be professional with my future jobs. MGT388, this module gave me a chance to study something that I indeed wanted to learn.


This module gave me a chance to learn things in another field I haven’t touched before. I felt challenged, but I was excited. I attended every lecture and most of the tutorials in the 10 weeks, and studied hard by reading extra information as I knew the importance of this module related to my present and my future career. I found out that taking notes in colourful pens and doing mind maps helps me a lot in learning.


I enjoyed the law tutorials. We discussed with the tutor based on real scenarios. It was not the traditional learning pattern, it was more interactive. We had a chance to say what we thought and judge the colleagues' opinion too. The tutor in my tutorial is a really nice lady, she is very patient and explains things really clearly.


The coursework and the online tests are the best reflections from the module. The team coursework not only revised what we have studied, it also improved my leadership and communication skill. It helped me develop more understanding about company management and contract. I found that the four management accounting tests were really helpful; I did each test two times so that I...
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