Hidden Surveillance Cameras

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  • Published : August 22, 2013
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Hidden Surveillance Cameras
Shawn Pettis
Westwood College

Hidden Surveillance Cameras
Topic & Purpose

Hidden surveillance cameras are an important topic because time and time again, the use of hidden cameras has given us better ways to catch criminals in the act. “Did you see?” has become an obsolete question; just go to the video. Imagine waking up to an intruder in your home, getting robbed at gun point or witnessing a crime being committed. I have experienced all of these events and although I wasn’t physically hurt, I was mentally scarred. At the times of these events there were no hidden surveillance cameras being used; therefore the aforementioned criminals weren’t caught. Today hidden surveillance cameras are more common around the world than most of us realize. They can be found in bus stops, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, homes, and ATM machines on almost every continent.

Thesis Statement
Hidden surveillance cameras make surveillance easier for business owners to reduce internal theft, insure the safety of your children while in daycare, and provide security for customers using ATM machines.

I. Introduction
A. Topic and Purpose
B. Thesis Statement
II. What are the pros and cons of hidden surveillance cameras for business owners? A. Reduce internal theft
B. Keep employees honest
C. Protect safety of employees
D. Invading people’s privacy
E. Mistrust among employees
III. Hidden cameras are useful to parents that use childcare. A. Reduce the chances of child abuse
B. Eliminates the opportunity for neglect
C. Improve on safety
1. Rules/compliance
D. Mistrust among child care provider
IV. Hidden cameras at ATM’s and other public areas help reduce crime A. Protection for customers using the ATM
B. Protect the ATM
C. View other crimes in the area
D. Criminals benefit from hidden surveillance cameras
V. Conclusion

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