Surveillance Camera

Topics: Surveillance, Security guard, Closed-circuit television Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Surveillance cameras in banks, offices, shops and streets have been very successful in reducing crime in the workplace and in public, but they are also a tool for their users to spy on people's private business.

Surveillance is a close observation of a person or a group, especially one under suspicion for the purpose of influencing, directing, managing, or protecting. It creates both positive and negative effects. It is very useful for governments and law enforcements to maintain social control, prevent crimes, recognize threats, investigating criminal activity etc. There are different types of Surveillance for example, aural surveillance, Visual surveillance, tracking devices, Computer surveillance. Surveillance cameras are video cameras or in other word CCTV, which is used for the purpose of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device or IP network, and may be watched by a security guard or law enforcement officer. Security cameras have become ubiquitous in many countries. They appeared only in banks and at high-security areas before, whereas now they are entering public places such as malls, streets, stadiums and transport. Originally surveillance cameras systems were installed to deter burglary, assault and car theft but their use has now extended to include anti-social behaviour such as littering, urinating in public, traffic violations, obstruction, and drunkenness. A surveillance camera can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without taking any break what so ever unless it is broken physically and it produces the result required. Cameras are also cost-effective and unobtrusive. Authorities do not need to spend large amounts of money on police. This is the cheapest strategy for law enforcements and security officers than any other crime prevention strategies. Surveillance cameras have several benefits. An obvious benefit is that the police can catch criminals in the act and also helps prevent crimes in...
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