Hershey Foods Company Swot

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Project Completion Reports (PCRs) establish a record of project achievements against the project’s original outcome/purpose and outputs as stated in the logframe. PCRs help us assess impact, draw out conclusions and learn lessons that may be valuable to others including those designing new initiatives with similar characteristics. Note: The PCR needs to draw from the project’s Final Evaluation.

End of project requirements (documentation)

Three (3) months after your DFID grant ends you are required to submit the following:

PCR Documents
1. PCR narrative report (this form)
2. Annex A: Achievement Rating Scale (ARS)
3. Annex B: Case study
4. Annex C: Portfolio Analysis
5. PCR financial report
6. Final project logframe
7. External evaluation report

Closure Documents
8. Final claim or statement of expenditure
9. Inventory of disposal of assets
10. Asset transfer letter
11. Annual Audited Accounts (see Note).

Note: A hard copy of your Annual Audited Accounts for the financial year in which your project ended must be posted to us four (4) months after the end of your financial year.

Send all documents listed 1-10 above by email to our address. In the subject of the email mark clearly CSCF number and ‘PCR and Closure Documents’ as illustrated in the box below:

To: cscfreports@tripleline.com
Subject: CSCF (insert your number): “PCR and Closure Documents”.

PCR Instructions

Please refer to the findings of the project external evaluation to complete this PCR.

Please read and follow the instructions provided in this document, answering each question listed.

▪ Font: use Arial 12
▪ For Section 1 of the PCR: Maximum 2 x A4 pages
▪ For Sections 2 to 7: Maximum 14 x A4 pages in total
▪ Annex A: Achievement Rating Scale (ARS): Maximum 5 x A4 pages. ▪ Annex B: Portfolio Analysis: Maximum of 5 x A4 pages ▪ Annex C: Case Study: Maximum 2 pages

|PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT | |SECTION 1: BASIC INFORMATION (Maximum 2 pages) | | |UK Organisation Name | | | |UK Organisation Address | | | |Project partner(s) (with countries where they | | | |are based in more than one country) | | | |Project Title | | | |CSCF Number | | | |Country/ies | | | |Local area(s) within Countries(s) | | | |Project Start & End Dates |Start:(mm/yyyy) | | | |End: (mm/yyyy) | | |Date report produced...
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