Herbal Remedies

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Herbal Remedies
Cheryl Hankins

CM225-15 – College Composition II
Professor Kelly Bradford
August 9, 2009
Herbal Remedies
The medicinal components of herbal remedies come from natural plant sources that range from flowers, tree barks, berries, leaves, and roots. These herbal medicines, also known as alternative medicines, used to treat a wide range of diseases and ailments are beneficial to the immune system. The use of herbs to treat conditions such as allergies, arthritis, colds, diabetes, some heart diseases, and mental disorders is as old as human history (Cass, 2004). Early pioneers used herbal remedies for these conditions. Over time, these forgotten remedies substituted with conventional medicines and doctors have once again become popular, due to their numerous benefits. Herbal medicines consist of vitamins and herbs that are better at strengthening the immune system, than conventional medicines. Many herbs also help to flush toxins from your system replacing the toxins with the minerals that the body needs.

American medical colleges are now giving courses, on the study of herbal remedies, so that students can learn about the alternative medicines. This has become a required course, in which the students learn about alternative remedies including acupuncture, herbs, and meditation. Their goal is to educate the students about a form of treatment, which more than one-third of Americans turn to time after time (Mangan, 2005).

Herbs combined in the right proportions will bring about a good blend that will offer the highest benefits. These flexible remedies benefit many different conditions. Each herbal source will process into many different forms. For instance, leaves can be dried and then processed into tea. Many people prefer the form of capsules. Tinctures are the strongest form of herbal remedies and should be taken in small quantities. Tinctures have a bitter taste, but the user only needs a few drops for the desired effect. Herbal remedies also involve the treatment by homeopathy, which is the natural way in which the immunity of the body responds to bring about treatment (Vukovic, 2008). It takes place when chemical substances introduced into the body, causing the body to respond by producing substances that counteract these chemicals. In this way, the immunity leads to treatment of the condition.

The most important fact about herbal remedies is that herbalists often use a holistic approach when they treat their clients. This procedure involves getting the full history of the individual that ranges from examining the individual’s medical history, history of the family, physical signs, experimental signs, and the psychological status of the individual. The emotional wellbeing, the diet, occupation and environmental factors, as well as the past means of dealing with the present condition are also considered. The herbalist may also give the appropriate guidance and counseling needed by the client and should be careful to avoid misleading the patient if the herbalist is not holding any relevant recognizable qualifications (Kahn, 2005).

After assessing the patient and learning the information about the patients health complaints, the herbalist will administer the herbal medicines to treat the patients selected signs and symptoms. The client goes and builds up fundamental ways in which he or she can make use of the herbal remedies. In some cases, the herbalist will assist the client in developing strategies to apply the process of medication. The process may include recommending the required nutrition or way of life through the course of medication. The herbalist may also give advice about the inclusion of other therapies like osteopathy, which is about treatment by manipulation associated with muscles, bones and joint disorders (Kahn, 2005).

Herbal medicines have been efficient in treating many diseases. They also have many other benefits such as improving the mental health and physical states of...
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