Benefits of Massage

Topics: Massage, Physical therapy, Shiatsu Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: January 27, 2013
The Benefits of Massage Therapy
Massage can be defined as a systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining good health. (ABMP) The history of massage and healing touch is long and complex, with more than 75 different types of massage and bodywork modalities, a generic term used to describe massage in its various forms. Now today across the globe, it has grown up to 350 modalities and counting. (NCBTMB) Massage and healing touch have been practiced for thousands of years in all regions of the globe. Massage is very instinctive. It is a natural response to rub our aches and pains, whether or not we are familiar with the medical knowledge behind the instinct to rub our bodies hoping to find relief. In modern healthcare, massage has taken an important role. It is beneficial in several aspects such as to reduce stress, enhance blood circulation, decreased pain, promote sleep, reduce swelling, enhance relaxation, and increase oxygen capacity of the blood. (Salvo) Massage has been also recognized as a nondrug treatment for cancer and post-operative pain. (ABMP) Within my research, I will be looking at the ancient world of massage and how it evolved. The benefits of massage performed on clients which is the major topic of this research and the future of massage therapy. In the ancient East, a concern with illness has been documented in China for several millennia, and records have revealed that the practice of massage goes back as early as 3000 BC. (Salvo) However, in the period between the second century BC (200 to 101 BC), and the first century AD (AD 1 to 100), Chinese medicine began to take on its basic shape. Manuscripts found in China, dating from the second century BC, Discuss “massages as one of the various methods of treatment for illnesses.” (Salvo) Using their knowledge of massage and later acupuncture, the Chinese developed a style of massage that they termed amma. “Amma” is regarded as the...
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