Topics: ISO 9000, Mutual fund, Car dealership Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Yangsun Kim

Chpter 7
4. Determining Appropriate Sequence of Ideas:Deductive or Inductive Identify whether each of the flowing messages should be written deductively or inductively based on the receiver’s likely reaction to the message.

a. A message from a customer service manager saying no to a customer’s third request for a refund that was previously denied. - >inductive b. A message from a company president to reject a contract proposal offered bya n international business partner whose cultural style is direct and forthright. ->inductive c. A message refusing a customer’s request to reduce his monthly payment for Internet services. He contends busy signals prevented him from connecting most of the time. ->inductive d. A message from an automobile dealer informing a customer that the delivery of a custom-order vehicle will be delayed two months. ->inductive e. A message from an appliance manufacturer authorizing the replacement of an under-the-counter ice machine that is still under warranty. -> deductive f. A message from a human resources manager refusing an employee’s request that the manager “fudge” to a lender about his reported income to help him qualify for a home loan - >inductive g. A message from a financial planner apologizing for not placing an order to buy mutual funds for a customer. -> inductive h. A message from the chief financial officer of a local business agreeing to serve on a fund-raising committee for a community service organization. -> deductive i. A message extending appreciation for the outstanding work of a consulting firm that spearheaded your successful effort to obtain ISO 9000 certification j. A message acknowledging shipment of an order and extending credit to a first-time customer. - >deductive 6. Revise the following openings so that they are inductive.

a. Because your all-in-one printer did not show any defects in workmanship until three months...
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