Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Deandre Clay
Jennifer Straub
March 10, 2013

Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Eating healthy is not just a short term goal; it’s a life time commitment. Not only will you feel great, but you will look great as well. 8 weeks ago I conducted a 3-day diet analysis and I discovered that my nutritional habits have drastically changed since then. I have made key changes that will have life-long benefits that will lower my risk of all types of diseases and sickness recorded by my SuperTracker. I also analyzed my diet and exercise results and identified a current nutritional need I am experiencing and a health nutrition problem I can foresee experiencing because of traits from my family history. Therefore I developed a realistic nutrition and exercise plan by including four nutritional and physical exercise goals the will assist me in optimizing good health.

My current exercise habits have not been consistent. I have been working more than doing physical exercise lately, but I do moderately exercise daily. I usually start off lifting weights in the morning when the testosterone level is at its peak. After at least 45min, I run at least 3miles around the neighborhood and then I’m typically finished for the day unless I decide to take a swim in the evening. I only exercise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday’s. Using the Physical Tracker, I would describe my activity level during a 3-day period satisfactory. According to the goal I set for myself, I feel I can definitely eat more to increase my chances of getting the results I’m looking for. Since I have been tracking what I eat, I realize that I may need to do less physical activity and more eating healthy foods. In a three day period, SuperFood Tracker is tracking I burned over 2, calories. That is far beyond my set goal....
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