Health: Obesity and Overall Personal Feelings

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Physical exercise Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: May 15, 2011
The health/nutrition problem that I will be targeting will be my weight. The other problems will be affected by the weight which would be blood pressure, risk of getting diabetes, low energy, depression, etc. Four nutritional or physical exercise goals that I have are to lose at least 100 pounds, lower blood pressure, increase energy and confidence and lower risk of obtaining any other health problems such as diabetes. The actions that will be taken to meet each goal are to obtain a membership to an exercise facility, obtain a membership with a trainer, and work with trainer on an exercise plan and a nutritional plan as well. The anticipated setbacks or difficulties and approaches for overcoming them are the temptations to eating unhealthy foods in which I will remove myself from the situation so those temptations will not be available, loss of interest when it comes to actually going to working out either alone or with trainer in which I will change plan slightly to keep motivated enough to keep going. What I see as outcomes by which to measure success is the way that clothes are fitting will help determine the success of weight loss and weigh-in once a week to determine weight loss success. Evidence of the Plan’s effectiveness in addressing the identified problem or need will be the main piece of evidence in which will be my overall personal feelings and looks after goal is reached. Evaluation of potential health risks that may develop if the plan is not implemented is if I don’t follow through with this goal of losing the weight needed in order to improve my health then the risks involved could be higher blood pressure, end up diabetes, possible heart attack, depression worsens, etc. There are many different ways that my plan may be adjusted if there is a time when I am not physically capable of following through. I could step down the cardio workouts that I am currently on now. At this time I do between 30 to 45 minutes cardio Monday through Friday in the...
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