Health risks of abortion and its effects

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Miscarriage Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Health risks of abortion and its effects
According to the Webster’s medical dictionary abortion is the premature exit of the products of conception (the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta) from the uterus. It is the loss of a pregnancy and does not refer to why that pregnancy was lost. A spontaneous abortion is the same as a miscarriage. The miscarriage of 3 or more consecutive pregnancies is termed habitual abortion. In certain countries there are laws against abortion and many people will criticize anyone that takes the decision without even knowing the cause. Now days many young women go tru abortion and the cause of this action are so many. According to a source ¨Abortion when induced, is among the safest procedures in medicine. However, unsafe abortion result approximately 70,000 maternal deaths and 5 million hospital admission per year globally. An estimated 44 million abortions are performs globally each year, with under half of those performed unsafely. The incidence of abortion has stabilized in recent years, having previously spent decades declining as access to family planning, education and contraceptive services increased. Forty percent of the world’s women have access to induced abortions. (Wikipedia on abortion) I think the health risk of abortion depends if the procedure is performs safely or not. Maybe women looking to terminate their pregnancies sometimes take the decision to perform unsafe methods, mostly when access to legal abortion is restricted in some countries. They may attempt to self-abort or trust another person who does not have correct medical experience. This has a tendency to lead to severe complications, such as incomplete abortion, hemorrhage and damage to internal organs. Some of the causes for abortion are social issues which can be a physical abuse which is a crime called rape, you don’t want to become a parent, you have no job, money or education or you were probably just talked into doing it or pushed to take the...
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