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  • Published: December 17, 2012
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Emilie Kay
English 102
Derrick Harriell
When a Women Is Not Ready

“A shocking 49% pregnancies in the United States (inside and outside marriage) are unplanned according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York. What is more shocking is that approximately half of these 49% unplanned pregnancies result in abortion” (Joshi, Neha). Many women who encounter an unplanned pregnancy face the decision between termination and following through with the pregnancy. Unfortunately, many of these women do not realize the risks abortions may have on their bodies physically and psychologically.

Abortion is not a simple procedure but sometimes a graphic procedure that can result in long-term physical and psychological complications. It is hard to write about abortions because there is no easy way to describe how abortionists perform these procedures. Not only is there more than one-way to abort a fetus, there are several risks that follow. I understand that it is every women’s right to have an abortion and there are many reasons as to why she would want one but in my opinion, abortions are risky measures to take because of the effects that abortions have on a woman’s body, mentally and psychologically. Therefore, choosing between an abortion and following through with the pregnancy can easily be narrowed down to deciding between these two options if the risks of abortions are taken into consideration. I came to this conclusion after researching the different abortion procedures; all have appeared to have similar risks. Along with my research, I was finding that abortions were portrayed in such that having complications are rare, so abortions are safe. I still feel that no abortions are truly safe; the risks for complications are still there. Abortionist, Warren Hern states, “"Abortion is a simple procedure except for the uterus' total intolerance to poor technique... In the medical practice, there are few surgical procedures given so little...
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