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In America, the management of workers by "assimilation into the workforce" is being replaced by the "integration of diversity." How would the author explain this shift in approach?

I agree with some of the points made by Sowell. The integration of other cultures advances is so important to the growth of others. As pointed out by Sowell “cultures have enriched each other in all the great civilizations of the world.” (Pg 77) If we do not allow ourselves to learn from others then we are allowing other cultures to be more advanced and influential.

This can translate into many the facets of our lives. The workforce is one that is extremely important. In the society that we live in today, we are around so many diverse individuals. We can decide to assimilate to the environment that we find ourselves in or we can disengage ourselves. I believe that the “integration of diversity” in the workplace in most parts of the U.S. is inevitable. There is so much diversity that whether we as individuals choose to be around it or not it will be there. How well individuals deal with "Assimilation into the workforce" will determine how well we learn and grow from it.

Sowell provided many examples of how this is not new to mankind. We have been doing this for centuries and will continue to do so.

How does religion affect employees' roles and performance in a multicultural workplace? My initial thought when I think of religion in the work place is that it should not be there.  Then I think of the people of this country and how we have the right to choose whatever religion we wish.  People carry their religion and beliefs everywhere they go and that includes work.  It is one of the diversities that we will find in our workplace.  As long as it is not extreme or offensive and does not affect other employees it should be allowed in the workplace.  If religion is prohibiting a person or others from successfully performing their job, then that job is not right for them.   I do not think an employer should be expected to accommodate every employee’s religion; therefore, the employees should be the ones to select their careers and jobs to fit their religion. 

I think the more we are around it the more we will be able to understand and accept the different religions that surround us. Rao stated in the article "the impact of religion is not always blatant or intentional." (Pg 193) If it is in the workplace we may not notice the impact it makes on us but it in the end we may see it will be a positive one.

Let me point out that I myself am not a very religious or spiritual person but I do have people that are close to me who are. I see how important it is to them and how it impacts their decisions and actions. Brining it into the workplace will allow us to see things from different perspectives. We may decide to adopt some things and not others but in the end it will allow for people to come together.

Your are correct in that employers cannot accommodate every persons religion.  For most business' it may be more then they can handle, especially when it comes to scheduling.  If it is a diverse crowd then you will find that people will need to regularly take days off and many times employers cannot afford that.  Then as you mentioned there is always those people that will take advantage and take time off just because they fell like it. 

You are right, most people now a days do make sacrifices when it comes to religion and they need to.  For most it is difficult to find a job that does not conflict with their religion.  Unfortunately for many they need to put their religion 2nd or 3rd since taking care of their family comes first and that usually involves going to work.  -------------------------------------------------

I use to always think that I was good at math, until I took my first algebra class.  I was completely lost.  I could not comprehend the...
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