Healthcare Delivery

Topics: Separation of powers, Health care, Law Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Legislative Branch (In general- what can be done in health care)
•Decides what services and programs the government will pay for.
•Decides which health care workers can perform services, and more specifically, who will be paid for the services.
•Develops legislature at national, state, and local levels.
•Regulates licensure of healthcare providers and implements review of patient services to ensure quality and equity of care.
• Regulates, reviews, and prosecutes liability and malpractice claims.
Judicial Branch
•Interprets health care laws.
•Ensures that the delivery of services are safe, non-competitive, and legal.
•Ensures constitutionality of healthcare laws, regulations, and penalties.
Executive Branch
•Outlines healthcare system protocols, spending, funding, private/public provider roles and obligations, eligibility, and reimbursement guidelines.
• Submits healthcare reform recommendations to the legislative branch for voting/review.
•Promotes education, awareness, and literacy as it pertains to obtaining, paying for, and utilizing private and public healthcare
•Implements rules and regulations regarding health care programs.
Private Sector
• Operates within the policies set by the government delivering quality care to those privately insured and those covered through Medicare and Medicaid assistance programs. • Lobbies for healthcare policy in the interest of providing care for those privately insured and cutting healthcare costs. • Strengthens public/private health system through quality monitoring, private financing, and provisions. • Provides care in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the legislative and executive branches.

Individual Consumer
•Manages his own health and healthcare including:
-obtaining and paying for insurance in accordance with need, employment, and financial status
-enrolling in assistance programs,
-managing lifestyle...
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