Health and Social Care

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1/1 In your working relationship you would be friendly give a different professional approach. You would not share information as you would do with your friends and family as its all private and confidential. 1/2 Relationship in health and social care setting comes in three types policy making, adminidtrive and the hand on staff working relationship. 2/1 Enable you to know your job role and responsibility. If you have had no training you could ask your team leader or manager to show you are ask for full training, so you don’t put yourself or other at risk of injury. 2/2 there are care plans in place which I read for the needs of the client and commotion which i read and write on. So everyone who needs them can get full access and keep them up to date of what is going on. 2/3 implementing ways of working is to sort out rounds for the clients that will fit around times that would work out for their needs. Whether it be 1 carer or 2 that will fit the client’s needs. 3/1 Working in partnership which involver’s doctors, nurses, dietician, rehabilitation etc . Includes sharing good practice and contributing to the supporting vulnerable individuals. 3/3 identify skills and approaches’ needs for resolving conflicts is the person’s body lounge and look for signs of abuse in the service users and report it straight back to my team leader or manager. Cu2624 administer medication

2/1 Metaformin is a oral medication. It is one of the most common medication which control the blood sugar (glucose) which is type 2 of diabetes .side effects diarrheal , nausea and bleeding ,and are only temporary side effects occur at the beginning of the medication . 2/2. The demands of specific physiological measurement are that we have to make sure that the service user has the right doses. Which you can tell with blood sugar, which should be between 4/9. 2/3 If someone has a reaction to medication, which may have a rash, swelling in some parts or see any...
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