Unit Hsc 25 Social Care

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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UNIT 6: The Role of The Health and Social Care Worker

Question one
1.1 explain how a working relationship is different from a or personal relationship Working relationships are more formal than personal relationships. Conversations are more professional than personal. Private and emotional issues should not be involved in working relationships. In a professional relationship people are in a relationship with someone because it is their job. In this relationship there are clear boundries and lines that must not be crossed. Working relationships are different to personal relationships in that there are specific objects and purposes in the role, there are professional codes of conduct and polices and procedures. There are tasks and goals and working together as a team to achieve them is a professional working relationship. Having working relationships with colleagues and other professionals is a significant part of my role and they are necessary in the interest of the people I support. Personal relationships which include; family, friendship and sexual differ from working relationships. Most people need to have a close relationship with another person as a friend to share experiences, worries and happiness. The ability to form friendships is important and begins when we are very young. However relationships are more important with family members at a young age. Family relationships include parent, grandparents, siblings and children. The relationship we have with our family is different to our working relationships as in there are no codes of conduct written for personal relationships. Interpersonal; a strong bond between two or more people refers to an interpersonal relationship, They can develop between; people working together in the same place, between man and woman in either love or marriage, between immediate family members and relatives or between friends. They can also...
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