Cu299P/Ct299 Understand the Role of the Social Worker

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CU299P/CT299 -Understand the role of the social care worker

Written Questions

1.Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. (1.1)

In working relationship there is a hierarchy or chain of command: i.e. you take instructions from a manager because you have agreed to do this and they are your professional superior and supervisor. They are responsible for ensuring you do your job as per your job description. This is not the case in a personal relationship.

In social care all working relationships that involve service users would have strict boundaries on behaviour and actions. E.g. you would not have a sexual relationship with a client as it as an abuse of your position and would be in contravention of the code of conduct for social care workers. Personal relationships do not have the same rules or conditions.

2.Describe different working relationships in social care setting. (1.2)

The relationship between colleagues and workmates, who all work in the same workplace •The relationship between a support worker and a service user

3.Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role. (2.1)

It is important for social care worker to work within the scope of their role so that they:

Do not do tasks for which they are not trained or cannot perform safely e.g. don’t decide to change a dressing if you aren’t trained – take the service user to the nurse or doctors.

Spend their time meeting the requirements of their job to make sure that the service users get what they need

do not risk being disciplined or losing their job or being barred from the profession for overstepping boundaries or job role

Do not cause needless expense by carrying out jobs that are not in their job role e.g. don’t try to fix the office printer if you don’t know how!

Working within your scope means that you focus on what you should be doing, all of the time. Repetition and familiarity can make a support worker more skilled and confident at what they do

Make the service users feel confident about what to expect from them as social care workers. Stepping out of the scope of your role can confuse service users and distort their view of what you are there for

4.Outline what is meant by agreed ways of working.

‘Agreed ways of working’ would be the tasks that social care workers are paid to do in a certain way. These tasks will be outlined in contracts of employments and then described in more detail in a job description.

Agree ways of working will be how tasks should be carried out, how often and by whom. There will be descriptions of what training should be undertaken before tasks can be carried out and if these tasks need to be recorded.

Legislation, codes of practice, company policies and statements of purpose will all contain the information that constitutes agreed ways of working within a job role.

5.Explain the importance of full up-to-date details of agreed ways of working. (2.3)

Policies and procedures give social care workers the boundaries with which to do their job. They set out clearly how to provide care or support in an ethical, legal and safe way. If a social care worker acts in a certain way and there is doubt about their motives they can refer to records, such as daily diaries, of what they did and why. In turn they can refer to company policies and procedures to demonstrate that they have acted in the individual’s best interests.

6.Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others (3.1)

It is important to work with service user’s families and other care professionals in order to be able to formulate a support or care plan that will meet an individual’s needs fully. Families can provide background information that often an individual might not remember, for example, illnesses or behaviours from when they were infants. This type of information may be relevant...
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