Hcs430 Employees Handbook

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Employee Handbook Non-Discrimination


HCS/430 – Legal Issues in Health Care: Regulations and Compliance

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Employee Handbook Non-Discrimination


The term Non Discrimination is more used in the workplace of most companies. The Employment Non Discrimination Act provides basic protection against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The ENDA applies to congress and federal government employees of state and local government positions. The ENDA prohibits public and private employers, employment agencies and labor unions from using a person’s sexual orientation or gender as a basis for employment decision for hiring, firing, promotion or compensation. In September 2009, 87% of the Fortune 500 companies had implemented the non discrimination policies (Human Rights Campaign).

What Non – Discrimination issues should be addressed?

All non – discrimination issues should be addressed to any employee upon hire. Non – Discrimination issues should establish a strong effective procedure of policies and procedures that affect each person that is employed. If a complaint is made all internal solutions should be followed in a step by step order. The steps should include a sit down talk with management, a warning; write up of the employee (up to two times) and then termination. All actions taken must comply with all discrimination laws which include the Equal Employment Opportunity, American’s with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment, Equal Pay and Fair Labor Standards and the Acts of Civil Rights. The company is committed to an equal employment opportunity. The company has a no discrimination, harassment and retaliation policy. There will be immediate disciplinary action taken if any person violates any policy rules.

What should the organization’s position be in response to non-discrimination issues?

To encourage all employees, whenever possible, to:

1. Communicate directly with anyone whose conduct is perceived to be discriminatory, harassing or retaliatory. 2. Bring forth potential workplace issues early in order to prevent damaging and costly discrimination, harassment and retaliation. An employee may choose to address a discrimination, harassment or retaliation complaint with a Department Head or directly with the Department of Human Resources. Optional Department Level: Any Department Head, when approached by an employee with a complaint, is required to report the complaint to the Civil Rights Compliance Officer (or designee). The Department Head shall consult with the Civil Rights Compliance Officer (or designee) to develop a plan for proceeding with an investigation and addressing the issues comprehensively. Civil Rights Compliance Officer Level: If for any reason, the complainant is uncomfortable or unsuccessful with attempts at individual resolution or department-level resolution, the complainant should bring their complaint forward to the Civil Rights Compliance Officer or designee. 1. Upon receiving a discrimination, harassment or retaliation complaint, the Civil Rights Compliance Officer or designee shall: 2. Receive the complaint.

3. Conduct an investigation promptly.
4. When...
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