Unemployment Rate

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Unemployment Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Marcel Palomo
ECON 201
17 MAR 13
Professor Mills

Unemployment Rate by Race/Ethnicity
There has always been a difference between unemployment rate from the four major ethnic groups which are White, Black or African, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian My paper will examine why there is such diversity in amongst these groups. People of Asian descent have the lowest unemployment rates compared to the other four groups, while unemployment among Hispanics and Blacks is higher than that of Whites and Blacks being the up high. In 2007, the year which recession begun, the unemployment rate for each group was at a low not exceeding 9%. In 2011, each group reached its peak and is slowly trickling down.

Race/Ethnicity| February 2013| Month/Month
(Points)| Year/Year
White| 6.8%| -0.2| -0.6|
Black or
African American| 13.8%| 0.0| -0.3|
Hispanic or Latino| 9.6%| -0.1| -1.0|
Asian| 6.1%| -0.4| -0.2|
| | | |
Unemployment Rate: White (Blue), Black (Green), Hispanic/Latino (Yellow), Asian (Red) (Department)
Discrimination and racial profiling plays a huge part into unemployment. Although we have “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, and gender” (GSA) it still occurs every day. “There have been large studies that show the differences between racial pay” (Ritter & Taylor). People of different races could have the same skills and about the same education level and it seems that whites get paid more than most other group. When it comes to getting laid off data shows that blacks tend to lose their jobs first and they have the most difficult time to find employment and that is one of the reasons why they have the highest unemployment rate. (Rodgers, W.)

When it comes to racial profiling the mangers that are running the hiring positions are more inclined to choose people such as...
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