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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Examining Government Regulations and Standards
Teresa M. Long
November 4, 2012
Shelley McDowell

Examining Government Regulations and Standards
Due to the fall in economy the United States has seen an increase in unemployment. Although the government is making an effort to improve this situation and the issues that follow, such as, health insurance, mental stress, and unemployment benefits, there are government regulations and standards that affect these issues chances of ever completely getting resolved for the unemployed. Government Regulations and Standards

There are several policies concerning unemployment; one policy in particular being Unemployment Insurance or Extended Unemployment Insurance. Although there are many policies that are controlled at a federal level, unemployment insurance is controlled at a state level; this means that the guidelines will vary by state. When it comes to the application process and eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits, the federal guidelines are the same amongst all the states. According to Lancaster, L. (2012), one regulation that affected unemployment for employers was the unemployment tax increase. In July 2011, the 0.2 percent Federal Unemployment Tax Act surtax was discontinued after being extended eight times since 1976 (Lancaster, L. 2012). Another regulation that affects the unemployed and them receiving unemployment insurance is the eligibility requirements. In order to even qualify for unemployment benefits, the individual have to have earned a minimum amount of money or worked a certain amount of hours within a time period; they must have also loss their employment through no fault of their own. Losing a job through no fault of your own means, not getting terminated because of poor performance or violating policies for that company or quitting; a layoff makes an individual eligible because it is not your fault an employer had to downsize. These regulations not only have an effect on an...
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