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This paper will conduct a community assessment of Marion County, Indiana. Marion County is located in the heart of Indianapolis, which is the capital of the state of Indiana. Marion County was created April 1, 1822 and was formed from Delaware New Purchase. It was named after General Frances Marion from South Carolina in the Revolutionary War period. This assessment will address the health needs and risks of Marion County through the use of the WGU assessment forms identifying the population’s economic status, neighborhood and community safety inventory, cultural assessment, and the disaster assessment and planning guide.

Marion County

Population Economic Status Assessment
Marion County, Indiana had a recorded population by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010 of 903,393. Making it the most populous county in the state and 55th most populated county in the country. The county is comprised of 403.01 square miles, of which water is only 6.71 square miles (Census 2010). The Per Capita Personal Income for 2009 was $37,911. The poverty rate for 2009 was 19.7%, with children under 18 years of age at a poverty rate of 28.4%. (Stats IN, 2010) Composition of the low-income group:

Racial/Ethnic Group| Percentage of Poor| Age Group| Percentage of Poor| African American| 28.9| <5 years| 33%|
Hispanic| 36.8| 5 years| 34.5%|
White non-Hispanic| 13.4| 6-11 years| 29%|
Other| 40.6| 12-15 years| 23.75%|
2 or more races| 25.1| 16-24 years| 29%|
| | 25-44 years| 18.25%|
| | 45-64 years| 6.75%|
| | 65-75+ years| 9%|
(, 2009)
Over half of Indiana’s welfare cases are among 5 of its counties, with Marion County being the top recipient with 20.4% of it’s residents on welfare, of that 60% of individual recipients were children. The unemployment rate for 2010 among Marion County is 14.2% which is ranked the highest unemployment county in the state of Indiana (Stats IN). The proportion of the population with Indiana employment-based health insurance benefits in 2009 is 85.8%. According to the US Census Current Population Survey of 2007, employment-based health insurance in Indiana dropped 4.7% during 1999 thru 2006. One of the reasons for the drop was not associated with an increase in unemployment, but was related to working individuals that could no longer afford the rise in health care premiums. State funding for Indiana’s public health for fiscal year 2009-2010 was 97 million dollars (TFAH, 2010). The Per Capita personal health care expenditures for 2009 was $6,666 ( In Marion County, there are 108,587 uninsured residents ( and within the state of Indiana there were 15.5% of residents who’s health needs went unmet due to financial constraints (

On January 27, 2011, the Indiana University Public Policy Institute (PPI) in coordination with the Coalition on Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) conducted the point-in-time 2011 Homeless Count (the count) in Marion County. There were 1,567 individuals found and identified as experiencing homelessness in Marion County. Of the 1,567 individuals found and identified as experiencing homelessness, 114 were unsheltered and found on the street, and 1,453 were staying in emergency shelters or in temporary housing programs. 28% of individuals counted, or 444 people, were members of families, including 248 children under the age of 18. These individuals represented 155 families (CHIP, 2011).

The state of Indiana has over 6 million residents, of that, Marion County accounts for 14% of the population. Listed in the table below, is the source of payment for health care services for the state of Indiana as of 2008-2009.

Source of payment for health care services:
Payment Source| Percent of Expenditures State of Indiana| Private Insurance| 54%|
Medicare| 14%|
Medicaid| 15%|
Out of pocket...
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