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HAT Task 1
July 21, 2012

There is a sign on the Highway as you enter Celina that reads, “One of 100 best small towns”. Celina is a rural community in North Western Ohio. It is home of the largest manmade lakes ;{ it is 21 square miles covering over 13,500 acres in both Mercer and Auglaize counties.}Corn fields and farms surround the city on all sides and country air can make an outsider either smile or cover their nose; 60.6% of the population is rural living. Main street is home of some of the city’s oldest buildings and is where the Court house is located. Friday nights are for football games in the fall and basketball in the winter. Sunday mornings you can wake to the sound of church bells. Occasionally you’ll hear the whistle of a train on the only working track. It’s not as friendly as the famous Mayberry but it’s a city where most know you or your family by name. Celina was established in 1834 by James Watson Riley. According to the cities website Celina was named after Salina, New York. Prior to 1848 St. Mary’s was the County seat for Mercer County, and then when Auglaize County was established, Celina took the title for County seat. The population of Celina at that time was 1,346; once natural gas and oil was discovered the population doubles in a decade to 2,684 residents. Celina’s main jobs were mainly manufacturing equipment parts for the farmers in the rest of the county. There were 3 newspapers, 5 churches, and 2 banks at this time. The US Census Bureau from 2010 had Celina with a total population of 10,400 people. There is very little diversity; main population is Caucasians residing with a total of 10,034. Mexicans are the second most common culture with 146 residents; then Asians are the third culture, more specific Japanese with 61 residents, followed by Filipino with 22 residents. Indians have 27 inhabitants, and the two least common ethnicities are African American blacks with a total of 17 and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander of 15. The median age is 37.5; children less than five have a population of 849 and there are 2,721 children and teenagers nineteen years or younger. From the ages of twenty to thirty-four 2,139 residents; and from thirty-five to sixty-four years of age the population total is 3,881. Sixty-five years and older have a total of 2,020 people living in Celina. Although very little diversity there are 0.7% that do not speak the English lamguage. Mercer County residence makes an average yearly between 35 to 50 thousand dollars or 21.4% of the total populations. Followed by 17.2% of Mercer County inhabitants make between 50 to 75 thousand and 16.6% make 25 to 35 thousand dollars yearly. Only 12.2% make less than 15 thousand dollars and 19.5% make 75 thousand plus with 6.3% of those making greater than 100 thousand a year. Unemployment percentage is 7.4%, which is greater than the National ranking of 5.4%, but less than the Ohio ranking of 10.1%. Another statistic that is thankfully less than the States, Mercer County has 13% of their children living in poverty. That statistic matches the National ranking, but Ohio has a ranking of 23% of its children in poverty. And single family households are 17% compared to the 33%. According to the Community Health Assessment from 2006 (the most current statistics available) obtained from the Mercer County Health Dept, 51% of Mercer County have a high school diploma, 20.2% have a college degree and 22 have attended some college. The marriage percentage is 68.3% with a divorce rate of 7.6% throughout the county. Of the residents 12.7% never married, 1.5% is unmarried couples, and 0.7% is separated, and 9.3% are widowed. More two thirds the population have lived in Mercer county for greater than 20 years, 77.1% to be exact; and only 10% have lived here between 10-20years. Celina doesn’t have any hospitals in the city but there is one in the neighboring town of Coldwater which is in Mercer County. There is an urgent community clinic in Celina that opens...
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