Has Corporate It Failed to Deliver?

Topics: Computer software, Failure, Application software Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: December 5, 2007
Has corporate IT failed to deliver?
1.What are the problems in deploying IT in corporate environments that are referred to in the article? One of the problems that occurred during the deployment of IT in enterprises is that IT projects are very complex and difficult to make them work. Moreover these projects have a very high failure rate. Thus, deploying IT does not lead to a competitive advantage anymore, but rather is a task that has to be done as a necessity. Companies spend too much money on IT without getting anything back from it. 2.What is suggested are the main causes for these problems? How do the descriptions of failures with IT relate to technology, people and information resources used to support business information management summarized in figure 1.5? One main cause for this problem is that the client-server architecture strengthened the enterprises on department-levels, but unfortunately at the same time the large corporate picture was lost. Yet still this one complex system existed and had to be taken care of. The switch to the client-server architecture was also a problem of costs, as now almost every employee got his own computer. This meant an increase in technology resources, but along with that an increase in maintenance costs, too. In addition to that, a lot of different applications are sold, yet not for all of them exist applications to bring the different types of data together. Thus, the technology was incomplete. This is pretty much a problem of the part information resources as different kinds of data have to be transformed to information, based on which a manager is able to make a decision. Yet still this problem is also part of the technology resources, as the different software applications have to be knit together. At last, the IT does not necessarily fit into the business management of a company, either because companies did not know about the deep impact on their business processes that new applications can have, or because...
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