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Topics: Cosmetics, Avon Products, Marketing Pages: 30 (9173 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Name: Abdullah Al-Shuraim
ID: 0804461
Group: S3G7
Instructor: Brian Thompson

* Executive Summary:3
* Overview of non-food Halal product:11
* Overview of Avon Cosmetics Company:13
* Avon Products:15
* Some of Avon Products:16
* Potential Product Summary20
* Process for Halal Certification21
* The procedure to make it a Halal Product is:22
* The procedure of Halal Certificate:23
* Changes or Improvements for Launching Halal Product24 * Define three different market segment for Kuwait market place25 * Mission & Vision and How might be affected by new Halal Product:28 * Providing the same quality of service to existing customers30 * Major Promotional Activities & RMOI:32

* One Year Budget and ROI:36
* Competitors:39
* Communicating the changes in the Current Operations with Introduction of Halal Product:41 * Recommendation:42
* References:43

Executive Summary:
1. Avon Overview:
Avon is a very successful and leading global company in the cosmetics industry. It was founded in 1886 by Mr. McConnell. When Mr. McConnell was selling books he used to make his own perfumes and he used to give them to his customers, then he realized that the customers likes his perfume and it was one of the reasons why they are buying his books, so he decided to make his own cosmetics company and now Avon is one of the best cosmetics company in the world. Avon Company was renamed after a river that runs through the English midlands. Avon CEO is Andrea Jung who committed to make Avon the most wanted company by women and also to satisfy the need of women globally. The main product are beauty products and fashion jewelry and also Avon has many brands that comes under the name of Avon such as Avon color, anew, Advance techniques, skin-so-soft, Avon naturals and Mark. Avon is the faster growing market on China and Russia which means they are doing a good and successful business.

2. Recommendation of Halal Product in Kuwait market

Launching Halal product in Kuwait will be a very successful idea because of many reasons. a. Kuwait is an Islamic Market
b. Kuwaitis always seeks for Halal product and they are loyal to this type of products c. Kuwait is a trendy market which means word of mouth might make the company one of the biggest company I Kuwait market and by launching Halal product that will be a good reason to make people in Kuwait talk about your products and that will help us to sell more, increase product awareness and get the market attention

3. Who are the three market segments?

A. Demographic:

Age| 18 - 30|
Gender| Females|
Income| Above 500 K.D|
Religion| Muslims|

B. Psychographic:

We will be focusing on the interest because women who are interested to attend social meeting and family gathering which are a very important part in our society will be more likely to buy make up because this type of women use it more than others.

Also we will be focusing on the opinion because we don’t sell only cosmetics, we sell Halal cosmetics and that might make a difference on people who thinks and believe that Halal product are better than other regular product and we will be focusing on this type of women because they care about the ingredients and how did we make our products.

C. Behavioral:

We will be focusing on the usage rate because women who use makeup and cosmetics more than other because they have more occasions so these will be focused on and also brand loyalty because there are some women when they like a certain brand of makeup they don’t tend to change it and they became loyal to this brand and this type of women who we are looking for.

Also Occasions is one of the important parts of behavioral segment because there are women who don’t use make unless they have an...
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