Guns on College Campus

Topics: Firearm, University, Gun Control Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Guns on College Campuses
Imagine a student or instructor being allowed to bring a gun to campus. Imagine what would happen if that student or instructor were having a bad day or had a major disagreement with someone. The possibility that something disastrous could happen is quite real. Measures should be enacted that address such a situation. By banning guns on campuses, tragedies can be prevented. Guns should not be allowed on college campuses because they will increase violence, raise the number of accidental shootings, and create a mood of fear on campuses. First of all, allowing guns on college campuses would increase the number of violent incidents on school grounds. For instance, and instructor could carry and use a .357 Magnum if he or she felt threatened or stressed. Similarly, an irate student who received an F or who had an argument with a classmate may inappropriately try to settle the dispute with a Glock. To illustrate, a mentally unstable English major at Virginia Tech succumbed to anxiety and ultimately killed thirty-two people, both students and professors. Though guns were not allowed on the campus, he disregarded the rules. Therefore, if laws changed to allow guns on campus, more people would possess them, consequently, the likelihood of violence may rise. In addition, having a greater number of weapons on campus would cause the number of accidental shootings to grow. Although training is required to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun, some people are better trained than others. The law requires a waiting period before purchasing a handgun. Suppose an intruder armed with a rifle entered the crowded cafeteria at noon and began targeting students. If one-fourth of the people in the cafeteria carried a handgun and began to shoot back at the intruder, a great number of innocent people could be hit by mistake. Very often incidents such as the one described, people panic; a person attempting to aim at a gunman in order to protect self or...
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