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Hospitality Operations|

I will be covering a full report on:
The Guest Cycle (4 stages)
Related activities
Related documents
Indicating the importance of them and thus discussing;
The identification of problems encountered by guests and
suggesting how to minimise/eliminate such problems.

This report is specifically for a the General manager of a new 128 bedroom 4* Galway City Centre Hotel, an will involve me discussin the above issues that will help identify furture problem with the hotel and its guest or even current problems the hotel face.

Guest cycle
The guest cycle is a flow of business that is measured throughout the entire stay of a hotels guest and by highlighting them in a four stage process, this process simply indicates the where the hotel makes their business from a guest in accommodation.(Knowles, 1998) The four stages can be arguably different between hotels but the four that I have researched would be: 1. Pre-arrival.

2. Arrival.
3. Occupancy.
4. Departure.
I shall discuss the importance of each guest cycle;
1. The pre-arrival stage is when the guest selects a Hotel to utilize. The guest’s choice is affected by a number of influences such as the guest’s own opinions and experiences in past hotels, the guest is also influenced by certain elements like location of the hotel, and the guest also receives recommendations and even advertising encourages the guest to take a look at a certain hotel due to the attractive advertisement. Some guests are put off from the hotel when it is in direct contact with the hotels reservations system, for example the guest will be unhappy with a poor quality receptionist or a poor quality website to make online booking or booking over the phone. Most known issues when a guest is choosing a hotel is description of the hotel, price per night per room and any extra facilities. It is key that when a person phones front office of the hotel that the staff in front office have full knowledge of just about everything in the entire hotel, this could influence the person to choose the hotel due to the standard of deliverance of information from the member of staff.(Knowles, 1998)

To make good use of this stage in the guest cycle, a reservations clerk would be wise to keep all reservations on record and thus identifying a certain reservation pattern by analysing “room availability and forecasting rooms’ revenue.” (Knowles, 1998, p.148) Doing this will give the hotel a huge advantage in knowing what rooms they could sell or if they need to apply more in the advertising department. (Knowles, 1998)

2. The arrival stage, this is when the guest first makes visual contact with staff in the hotel and starts their business relationship, it is up to the employees of front office and other departments alike to generate a clear idea of the guests expectations of the hotel and the reasons of visit. This stage usually has the most documents to process such a signing in and registering, finding out and using the customer’s payment method, etc. Front office also needs to stay in constant contact with the house keep department to be able to rotate guests to their rooms efficiently without any delays for the guests.(Knowles, 1998)

3. Occupancy stage, this stage involves keeping the guest satisfied but also enticing them to spend as much as possible within you hotel. Front office has to establish a safe way of securing payment from their guests and most hotels establish a room credit rate that each guest gets unless they pay more room credit than usual, by doing this the guest can roam around free in the hotel charging all meals and other activities to their room within the hotels facilities. This process involves a lot of monitoring and usually involves a nightly audit to insure that all extra charges to the room are accounted for. The night audit then add all guest information including all charges for the room...
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