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GSK Marketing Planning| March 31
Calvin Cheung, Hussain Al Katib, Manpreet Budwal, Sandra Okechukwu| SOSTAC Review based on GlaxoSmithKline|

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction2
2.0 Situation Analysis3
2.1 PESTEL Analysis3
2.2 SWOT Analysis4
2.3 Boston Matrix5
2.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis6
3.0 Objectives8
4.0 Strategy9
4.1 Product9
4.2 Price9
4.3 Promotion9
4.4 Place10
4.5 Person10
4.6 Process10
4.7 Physical Evidence10
5.0 Tactics11
6.0 Action Plan12
7.0 Control13
8.0 Summary13
9.0 References14
10.0 Appendices16

1.0 Introduction

This assignment is a SOSTAC analysis for our marketing project with GSK whilst incorporating all things associated with SOSTAC. In this assignment we will in detail look at the various aspects effecting out marketing plan and strategy. The Aim of this marketing plane is to regulate and maintain GSK’s positioning in the market, an arrangement of objectives is introduced with filed dates to ensure GSK is moving forward and retaining their market share. GlaxoSmithKline is a British pharmaceutical company that is headquarter in London, England. It is the fourth largest pharmaceutical company and functions in many countries. It was established in 2000 with the merging of Glaxo Wellcome plce and SmithKline Beecham plc. In 1880, Burroughs Wellcome & Company was founded in London by the American pharmacists Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs. The Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories opened in 1902 In 1843, Thomas Beecham launched his Beecham's Pills laxative in England giving birth to the Beecham Group. Beecham opened its first factory in St Helens, Lancashire, England for rapid production of medicines in 1859. The original factory was closed in 1994 and passed to the local college for re-development. By the 1960s, Beecham was extensively involved in pharmaceuticals.

2.0 Situation Analysis
A SOSTAC review consists of several elements, the first is situation analysis, and this examines the internal and external factors which may influence the company’s performance. The following section will include: PESTEL, SWOT, Boston Matrix and Porter’s five Forces. 2.1 PESTEL

Calvin Cheung, Hussain Al Katib, Sandra Okechukwu
Calvin Cheung, Hussain Al Katib, Sandra Okechukwu

2.2 SWOT
Calvin Cheung, Hussain Al Katib, Sandra Okechukwu
Calvin Cheung, Hussain Al Katib, Sandra Okechukwu

2.3 Boston Matrix
Boston matrix is the most renowned corporate portfolio analysis tool. It provides a graphic representation for an organization to examine different businesses in its portfolio on the basis of their related market share and industry growth rates. (managementstudyguide, 2013)

Manpreet Budwhal
Manpreet Budwhal
The Boston matrix shows that GSK has a high relative market share and high market growth rate along with a good cash flow. This puts GSK under “star” category in the Boston matrix. GSK has a product portfolio with a significant cash flow position this in turn has spurred on a meaningful gearing by GSK management. This puts the company firmly in a star performing position. With asset consolidation of $23.5bn USD over three years, the company is likely to attain double-digit earnings growth, with mid-digit growth in 2012 impacted by generic competition.

2.4 Porter’s Five Forces
Porter’s five forces analysis is a model that identifies and analyses the five competitive forces in an industry to determine the nature of competition, as well as giving a strong outline on an industry’s strengths and weaknesses. (investopedia, 2013) These are:

* Threat of new entrants
* Bargaining power of suppliers
* Threat of substitute products/ services
* Bargaining power of buyers
* Rivalry among competitors
The threat of new entrants: New entrants see the market eye-catching, they bring new capacity and resources, new ideas along with a desire to gain market share for their company. Their impact depends on the barriers to entry...
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