Marketing Communication Plan Panama

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A Marketing Communication Plan



2nd Edition

Written by:
Nicoline Becker

Table of content

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. The Situation Analysis
Company Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Product Analysis
SWOT- Analysis
4. Marketing Communication Objectives
5. Marketing Communication Strategy
6. Marketing Communication Mix
The core concept
Sales promotion
7. Planning
8. Budget
9. Evaluation & Feedback
10. Appendix
Agency Briefing

1. Introduction

By means of this document, the approach to Panama* is to present a marketing communication plan proposal. The assignment is to fulfil panama*s objectives for the upcoming year. Therefore a marketing communication plan will be written. The aspects of marketing communication is to bring advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing into one marketing mix together. To achieve the objectives of panama the communication plan has been researched and developed based on the following considerations:

-The marketing analysis: the needs, characteristics and environment of panama and its competitors are analyzed, and the target group is defined -The marketing objectives: the objectives of panama will be described in detail for the up coming year -Marketing strategy: here the strategy for achieving the objectives will be explained and the target group will be described in detail as well -Marketing operations and implementation: how to work with the marketing mix, which channels and promotion tools will be used, taking costs into consideration.

2. Background

Over the last few years, the entertainment industry has become bigger and bigger. People can chose from a broad variety of offers to spend their leisure time. In the Netherlands Panama* is a famous night entertainment venue. Located in Amsterdam it offers the customer a unique experience of a combination of a restaurant, theatre and night club. Panama*´s competition is large; therefore a good marketing communication is essential. If a club like Panama* does not communicate well to its target audience, people will go to the competing clubs because they are not aware of what Panama* offers them. The main focus of Panama* is on its DJs. People come to the club because of the popular DJs that play. Panama* wants to attract more loyal customers who come and visit the club on a regular basis. They want them to come because they like the club, not only because of the DJs. Furthermore they want to promote the restaurant and the theatre, because people are not aware of the fact that Panama* is more than a night club. This means, Panama* needs to come up with a strong marketing communication plan, to increase visitors and especially loyal visitors. Strong promotional tools are needed to make the communication mix strong and effective. The campaign should fit to the image and reputation of Panama*.

3. The Situation Analysis

This aspect of the work comprehends the factors of demand from the different target groups. And with this information, it is possible to assess the competition and forecast their possible responses.

3.1. Company Analysis

4 Oostelijke Handelskade Amsterdam,
Telephone: 00 31 20 311 8686
Hours: Mon - Sun 11am - 11pm

Panama* takes a lead role within the Leisure-Entertainment Industry of the Netherlands and far across over any boundaries. Panama* is a night club located in the harbour of Amsterdam. Besides being a night club, Panama* also locates a very good restaurant and theatre where live performances of bands, DJs and comedians take place. It is known for its exclusive atmosphere and special decoration. The restaurant can be divided into interior and exterior. During the summer a big terrace is open where approximately 100 people can enjoy dinner with the exclusive view on the Amsterdam harbour. The...
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