Group Working Skills

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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As it’s saying Two Heads Are Better Then One, what if there were more than two, people prefer working with their friends, or others in a group to achieve their goals easier, but nowadays even studies require a group work, and sometimes the member of it will be chosen randomly, so they would probably face so many problems that would affect achieving their goals, those problems can be developed with some strategies and dynamic that I’m going to provide and analyse it with an example. In my Business foundation year I have been required to work in a group to do a Business Plan that represent 40% from the final grade, the group was chosen randomly, I faced some problems during the work that affected our group working, the main ones are related to Organisation or structure the group more specifically on NORMs, and COHESIVENESS. Payne,E. and Whittaker,L (2000) argued that GROUP DYNAMIC is the name given to the way that a group deals with factors that affect it from within itself; there is some aspects to a group that can be identified such as, Norms, Goals, Roles, Size, Cohesiveness, and Structure of it. The aim of this essay is to discuss an example of my previous group work, and analyse it according to group dynamic concepts.

As I mentioned being in a group required to do Business Plan, the group goal was to present a new idea of a product in the UK, and explain how to set it up, and count the expenses and market it as we learned, however it was important to us because the work was 40% value from the final mark. In the group there were 6 members, so the group was required to do a final presentation of the business plan, and we also was required to meet twice a week.

First we faced Two main problems, this work was require some creativity and different ideas, and some of the members were too quiet and they don’t like to share their ideas with other members on the group specially in marketing the product part, so we had some problem in Organisation and...
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